Episode 139: Another Thanksgiving Special
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The GB Pod boys are back again for another trip through the holidays. Listen along as Chris and Ethan work their way through this day in music history, share poetry, talk about gratitude, and share some life updates. If you are enjoying our show, becoming a Patron is the most helpful way to support us. If you have gotten more than $2 of satisfaction from this show, click the link here :) https://www.patreon.com/grunge_bible Support the show, buy some merch! https://grungebible.creator-spring.com/
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This week, Chris and Ethan welcome photographer Chris Cuffaro back to the show. Together, the trio discuss grunge photography, developing artistic styles, how to create work that lasts, Pearl Jam’s new single, and more. Follow Chris on Instagram:...
Published 02/19/24
Published 02/12/24
#notgrunge. This week after many requests to do so, Chris and Ethan chat about Counting Crows, one of the more prominent bands from a different neighborhood of 90s music. The pair discuss the allure of the band, why they are polarizing for many, and get into Adam Duritz’s ability to write and...
Published 02/12/24