158: How to Minimize Regret and Maximize Success with Omar Halabieh | Tech Director at Amazon Payment Services
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What does it take to be a Director of Engineering? Where do most managers fall short? How can you maximize your success without regret?   Listen now for these answers and more!   ============================   When you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you build your engineering career:   1. Engineering Career Accelerator™️ Scorecard … foundational development actions and key points you can check, score, and apply immediately to stand out and excel at work.   2. Join us at Happy Hour … a limited-attendance LIVE monthly workshop where we dig deep into career growth strategies and provide 1:1 open coaching for you at the end of the session.   3. Work with me directly … start with a free chat and ensure it’s a great fit, then work with me and my team privately in our intensive coaching program, exclusively for engineers.   ============================   In this episode, meet a global technology executive with over 20 years of experience on some of the most demanding teams and technologies in the world, Omar Halabieh.   If you want to make it Director level and beyond, this episode is essential. Omar is passionate about developing people and building high performing organizations.   Omar is currently Director of Technology at Amazon Payment Services, based in Dubai, UAE. It was a few weeks before Christmas when we recorded this one, and only God knows how many payments were being processed by Amazon.   Prior to this, he led technology teams within Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technologies organization based in Seattle. These engineering teams revolutionized what we consider “normal” in supply chain technology today.   Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his active and inquisitive 4-year old son. You can have that time and balance with your family too.   Omar looked fear in the face many times… and discovered that regret minimization was more important than playing it safe. Discover the frameworks he used to make huge decisions and drive his success without regret.   So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to make courageous decisions that minimize regret and maximize success!   ============================   HAPPY ENGINEER COMMUNITY LINKS:   > Full Show Notes, Resources, & More   > Join our Facebook Group! Get access to bonus content and live coaching as growth-minded leaders build careers together.   ============================   WANT MORE AMAZING GUESTS?   “I love Zach and these amazing guests on The Happy Engineer Podcast.” If that sounds like you, please consider following, rating and reviewing the show!    I know it’s a huge favor to ask, but when you follow, leave a 5-star rating, and add an honest review of how these episodes are helping you… it’s a massive benefit for getting the attention of powerhouse guests on this show.    On Apple Podcasts, click our show, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with 5-stars, and select “Write a Review.”   Thank you so much.    ============================   Connect with your host, Zach White:   LinkedIn (primary) Instagram Facebook YouTube
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