161: How Asking an Obvious Question Made Me $30K in One Day
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Are you leaving untapped potential in your career by not asking the right questions?   Tap to DOWNLOAD my free Workbook: How to Influence & Get What You Want At Work (Powerful Questions for Engineering Managers), and start asking better questions https://lifestyleengineering.oasisofcourage.com/influence   Listen now to discover how to become a more influential leader.   ============================   When you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you build your engineering career:   1. Engineering Career Accelerator™️ Scorecard … foundational insights you can check, score, and apply immediately to stand out and excel at work.   2. Join us at Happy Hour … a limited-attendance LIVE monthly workshop where we dig deep into career growth strategies and provide 1:1 open coaching for you at the end of the session.   3. Work with me directly … start with a free chat and ensure it’s a great fit, then work with me and my team privately in our intensive coaching program for engineering leaders.   ============================   In this episode, I recount a pivotal moment in my career journey as a lead engineer at Whirlpool Corporation, where I sought to elevate my performance rating.    Through a simple yet profound question to my boss, I unearthed the key to exceptional results: cross-functional impact.    By collaborating with colleagues and leveraging technology, I devised a solution that streamlined communication between departments, ultimately earning me a top performance rating and a significant bonus—all within eight hours of work.    This narrative underscores the power of asking the right questions and embracing innovative approaches to stand out in one's career.    Join me as I delve into the transformative impact of asking obvious yet potent questions and how it can propel you towards unparalleled success.    So press play and let’s chat about unlocking extraordinary results through the art of questioning.   ============================   HAPPY ENGINEER COMMUNITY LINKS:   > Full Show Notes, Resources, & More   > Join our Facebook Group! Get access to bonus content and live coaching as growth-minded leaders build careers together.   ============================   WE GROW BY WORD OF MOUTH   If you have received value from The Happy Engineer Podcast, would you help us pay it forward by SHARING this episode with another engineer?   Hit the SHARE button, or copy the episode URL and paste it into a text message or social media post!   Thank you for helping us grow the show.   ============================   Connect with your host, Zach White:   LinkedIn (primary) Instagram Facebook YouTube  
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