Hattie Boydle Welcomes Great Friend Shona Vertue
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'Relationship Trauma can only heal in Relationships' Friends since they were 17, Hattie and Shona Vertue (the Vertue  Method) take a deep and often hilarious dive into relationships, coping  mechanisms that didn't work and the ones that did. The Attachment Theory, (are you an Anxious or Avoidant) and what does this mean? Plus the latest research and science into how to manifest a partner and how to get a goose and dog to love each other.
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Spanning a great friendship over 8 years ,Sebastian Oreb has had a huge  impact on Hattie's life as a Mentor, Athlete and Close Friend. Best  known as 'The Australian Strength Coach' Hattie dives deeper into 'Who  is Sebastian Oreb' and asks questions 'that no one has ever asked me  before'. ...
Published 09/29/22
They say some people come Into your life for a reason, Well I can  honestly say that I feel that way about this guest today Michelle Baty. Michelle Baty has had a huge impact on my life. what started as a sales call on the bus, our relationship has evolved  from my first SMP diamond client to...
Published 08/07/22
Published 08/07/22