Got Dry, Irritated, Red Eyes? Sneaky Triggers You Wouldn't Think Of w/ Dr. Carly Rose
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Many of you now by now that my dad was an ophthalmologist, so I guess there's a certain place in my heart for eye issues. However, when we talk about skin on the show, we might not think about the connection to our eyes, but a lot of people struggle with eye issues, especially since some medications that are taken to help skin conditions sometimes exacerbate eye issues. Today's guest is an optometrist, Dr. Carly Rose who is an optometrist who received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northern Kentucky University before heading off to optometry school in Chicago. She then chose to complete a year-long residency at the Cincinnati VAMC Eye Clinic. Dr. Rose owns a comprehensive primary eye care practice called Eyecare on the Square and a dry eye medspa, Clear Eyes + Aesthetics in Cincinnati OH.  She is a current member of the American Optometric Association, the Ohio Optometric Association, and the American Academy of Optometry. Have you ever dealt with dry eye or eye-related side effects from medications? Let me know in the comments below! In this episode: What is dry eye + what are the symptoms? What can cause an ocular surface condition? How screens + breathing can mess up tear production What you need to know about Demodex mites + eyes… yikes! Possible medications that can dry out your eyes Tips for dry eyes- at home or in a professional's office! Quotes “Tears are a lot more than just water. They're very, very complex. And it's really cool because it's also kind of like breast milk in that it, it changes percentage of components depending on what's going on in the environment. So they're reactive.” [2:52] “There are more dry eye patients than all macular degeneration and glaucoma patients combined. And that number is growing exponentially.” [03:57] Links Follow Dr. Rose and her practices on Instagram here, here, and here | Facebook | tiktok Check out Dr. Rose on her website Healthy Skin Show ep. 210: How Steroid Creams Impact Your Eyes w/ Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler Healthy Skin Show ep. 201: Before You Put Anything Around Your Eyes…w/ Rachael Pontillo Healthy Skin Show ep. 276: Dupixent Eye Side Effects: What's Going On? {RESEARCH} w/ Dr. Roselie Achten
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