Itchy, Painful Rash From Thyroid Disease: Your Guide to Stopping It
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Can you get a rash from thyroid disease? Yes, yes you can. And in this episode, I’m connecting the dots between autoimmune thyroid disease and chronic hives. Today, we’re digging into how your thyroid can affect your skin, and how you can determine if yours is part of your rash trigger. If you’ve been struggling with a rash that just won’t disappear and you feel like you’re running out of options (and hope!) be sure to download the Stop My Rash Guide here so you can figure out your root cause combo and finally get to the bottom of your skin rash. In This Episode: What are urticaria, chronic hives, and dermatographia? Chronic hives treatments and why they don’t always work The interesting connection between chronic hives, thyroid, and autoimmunity What is Hashimoto’s and are you at risk of developing a thyroid disease rash? How to get your doctor to run a full thyroid panel Quotes “While it’s true that hives, dermatographia, and urticaria are associated with histamine overload, if Zyrtec for urticaria doesn’t work for you, you’re often left with few options. Maybe, if you’re lucky, your doctor might order allergy testing, but most people find themselves at a frustrating dead end if antihistamines for urticaria aren’t a magic bullet.” “For some people, one of those early symptoms is chronic urticaria. But they can’t connect that back to their thyroid because their doctor is possibly only running cursory thyroid bloodwork — looking for levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, or TSH. Problem is, your TSH is only going to be elevated after your thyroid has been significantly damaged. So TSH isn’t enough to tell you what’s going on.” Links Get labs run HERE that you can order yourself at a flat rate Healthy Skin Show ep. 261: Chronic Hives: Why Won’t They Go Away RESEARCH - Relationship between Chronic urticaria and autoimmune thyroid disease Stop My Skin Rash Guide FREE download
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