Keratosis Pilaris Treatment, Causes + Remedies w/ Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND
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If you've been disappointed by keratosis pilaris treatment options + natural remedies -- you're not alone! Keratosis Pilaris (aka. Chicken skin)  is a complex, poorly understood skin problem that can make you feel really insecure (because of how it looks). It can also make your skin texture feel unpleasant + rough (potentially triggering skin picking). The most common keratosis pilaris treatment includes scrubbing off the involved areas of rough skin, but beyond that – you’re probably already figured out the options are limited. There is no medicine for keratosis pilaris AND there's very little research on keratosis pilaris causes. That’s because conventional medicine doesn’t recognize it as a significant skin problem, even though the Cleveland Clinic states that "about 50% to 80% of teenagers and 40% of adults will develop" keratosis pilarsis during their lifetime. (ref) I previously discussed keratosis pilaris diet concerns HERE, and wanted to share more up-to-date info that will hopefully help you on your journey to ditching chicken skin! My guest today is Dr. Julie Greenberg, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Registered Herbalist RH(AHG) who specializes in integrative dermatology, holding degrees from Northwestern University (BA), Stanford University (MBA) and Bastyr University (ND). She is the founder of The Center for Integrative & Naturopathic Dermatology Inc, a holistic clinic that approaches skin and hair problems by finding and treating the root cause. She has presented at multiple conferences and she teaches dermatology classes at naturopathic medical schools and is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences across the U.S. What keratosis pilaris treatment options have you tried? Share your questions, comments + experiences on KP in the comments below! In This Episode: What is Keratosis Pilaris? Causes of Keratosis Pilaris (yes, there's a gut connection!) Where does Keratosis Pilaris shows up on the body Keratosis Pilaris treatment options (conventional vs integrative) Keratosis Pilaris home remedies -- do any really work? Fat-soluble nutrients tied to Keratosis Pilaris Conditions associated with Keratosis Pilaris What does the research on KP say? Quotes “If you have a problem like a filaggrin gene mutation and you're not naturally producing a lot of filaggrin, you're not going to be producing a lot of Natural Moisturizing Factor. You're going to be prone to these dry skin diseases like ichthyosis vulgaris, eczema, and keratosis pilaris.” [19:45] “...It’s linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, these are other types of essential fatty acids that are different than just the EPA and DHA that you get from fish oil. It's bigger than just a fish oil problem.” [21:32] “It's definitely the check engine light that is flashing and your body is telling you, ‘Hey, we're having an abnormal process here because something is wrong.’ It's not just a cosmetic issue.” [23:05] Links Find Dr. Greenberg online and on Instagram Healthy Skin Show 061: How To Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris (Naturally) Healthy Skin Show 095: Can Histidine Supplementation Help Leaky Skin & Eczema? [RESEARCH] Healthy Skin Show 220: The Gut Microbiome Of Acne [NEW RESEARCH] w/ Dr. Julie Greenberg Healthy Skin Show 310: Integrative Perioral Dermatitis Treatment Options w/ Dr. Julie Greenberg, ND Got Gluten Skin Problems? The Top 18 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
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