Bleach Baths Debunked: Why Mineral Baths Are So Much Better
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Tempted to try a bleach bath for eczema skin rashes? Did your doctor recommend them? Before you go dumping Clorox into your bath water — you need to hear this. Because honestly, the science doesn’t support bleach baths which was highlighted by Dr. Peter Lio at the Eczema Expo 2023 meeting. Turns out that the research on this outdated practice isn’t as helpful as everyone thought, which is why I recommend a mineral bath over a bleach bath for rashes every single time. Now, I know that there’s information out there recommending bleach baths for rashes, eczema, hives, and fungal infections. A simple Google search will turn up results suggesting this practice is totally safe. Especially since many dermatologists have promoted bleach baths as helpful tools for a long time. But newer data just doesn’t support this idea as newer studies suggest bleach baths just aren’t very effective. And that’s not to mention the fact a bleach bath can dry your skin out and INCREASE itchiness. Plus, if you’re sitting in a bleach bath, you’re exposing your lungs to chlorine, which isn’t a great idea. Let’s explore some of the studies that have debunked the bleach bath myth and what the science says is way better for your skin. Spoiler: mineral baths are a much better option! In This Episode: What is a bleach bath for eczema? Recommended eczema bleach bath ratio from doctors Side effects of doing an eczema bleach bath (no one tells you) What is a mineral bath soak — and why is it so much better than bleach? Bleach bath alternatives like baking soda, sulfur, colloidal oatmeal, and pink Himalayan salt – how do they stack up? Why mineral bath soak can support your skin barrier and reduce angry skin Quotes “If you took a bleach bath that’s strong enough to kill the bacteria that may be on your skin — you’d expose yourself to dangerous levels of bleach!” “A 2020 review… concluded that mineral-rich waters (in particular salty and sulfur waters) demonstrated anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity.” Links Get the Soothing Skin Soak + MSM from DermaQuell to use 3-4x per week! Healthy Skin Show ep. 107: Symptoms Of A Staph Infection On Your Skin Healthy Skin Show ep. 149: How Staph Aureus Wrecks Your Skin
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