Client Case Study: Severe Eczema On Feet + Body
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If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peak behind some of the eczema cases that I work on, I’m sharing a fascinating healing journey of a client with severe eczema on feet + her body! This client was excited to be a part of this new case study series I’m bringing to the podcast to help inspire other eczema warriors out there. It’s easy to give up especially if you start to feel like there are no answers or causes of eczema – that it’s just a mystery! But I hope that this journey for my real-life client dealing with eczema on feet + her body will remind you that you just have to keep digging! And that healing can take time – sometimes more than you’d prefer to give it. This journey for my client has spanned two years (not like the quick fixes claimed online). She had A LOT to deal with in stages so that she could still be a functioning human being who showed up at her job ready to work. I plan to share more of these types of case studies soon on other skin conditions so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s dive into this eczema on feet + full body case… In This Episode: Severe eczema on feet + body case study (with my own client!) What her eczema journey was like before we started working together Assessments I used to uncover hidden root causes of eczema on feet + body Key clinical findings of her severe eczema case What’s a realistic timeline for severe eczema spanning decades? Where my client is on her eczema-healing journey Quotes “After consistently working on root causes, this summer was the first time that she could wear shorts in the past 6 years.” “Depending on your case’s complexity, your timeline may be longer than what you expect – especially with issues present for many years if not decades.” Links Apply to work with my virtual clinic HERE Healthy Skin Show ep. 109: Eczema Triggered By Hidden Infections [CASE REPORT] Healthy Skin Show ep. 257: Itchiness + Histamine Intolerance – Why Am I Itchy?
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