Crazy Eye Rash Trigger! Demodex Mites Treatment + Triggers w/ Dr. Carly Rose
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If you struggle with eyelid inflammation (aka. blepharitis), crusty eyes in the AM or ocular rosacea, Demodex mites treatment might be in your future thanks to an overgrowth of these little critters! Demodex mites are a common, naturally-occurring commensal skin parasite that live, feed, poop, and die on your skin and on eyelashes and eyebrow hairs. While that may sound (really) gross, they are usually not an issue…unless the Demodex mites overgrow. Eyelid inflammation, irritated eyes, crustiness on your lashes in the morning, and eye discomfort are signs of Demodex mites overgrowth. Luckily, identifying these frustrating blepharitis symptoms and starting a demodex mites treatment can help save the day (and your eyes). My guest today is sharing a ton of tips to help do this including eyelid washes, natural remedies for demodex mites treatment, and much more! Dr. Carly Rose is a returning guest to the show. She is a distinguished optometrist who earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northern Kentucky University. She pursued her optometry studies in Chicago and completed a year-long residency at the Cincinnati VAMC Eye Clinic. Her unwavering dedication to understanding the complex disease of dry eye, as well as investing in cutting-edge research, has earned her widespread recognition in the industry as a leader in dry eye diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Rose's practice is called Eyecare on the Square in Mariemont, Ohio where she offers the most effective and advanced treatments available to her community. Did you know that eye inflammation could be a sign of Demodex mites overgrowth? Share your questions, comments + experiences in the comments below! In This Episode: What is blepharitis and what are common blepharitis symptoms? Demodex mites: what are they and how are they linked to eye inflammation and ocular rosacea? Signs of Demodex blepharitis (caused by Demodex overgrowth) Who is at risk for developing an overgrowth of Demodex mites on face? How to get checked for Demodex mites overgrowth Demodex mites treatment options (conventional vs natural remedies) Why AVOID tea tree oil home remedy for demodex mites overgrowth around eyes Demodex overgrowth prevention tips Quotes “Demodex is a naturally occurring parasite. Most of us have it, anywhere from 30% to 100% prevalence. And it's very, very common. The issue is when it becomes overgrown.” “...the life cycle [of Demodex mites] is a few weeks long, and they die off and start to decompose in your lash follicles. All of this inflammation can be linked to ocular rosacea, anywhere from 65% to 85%.” Links Follow Dr. Rose and her practices on Instagram here, here, and here | TikTok | website Healthy Skin Show ep. 312: Castor Oil Benefits For Eyelashes + Eyebrows (Do's + Don'ts) w/ Dr. Carly Rose Healthy Skin Show ep. 285: Got Dry, Irritated, Red Eyes? Sneaky Triggers You Wouldn't Think Of w/ Dr. Carly Rose Healthy Skin Show 210: How Steroid Creams Impact Your Eyes w/ Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler Healthy Skin Show 201: Before You Put Anything Around Your Eyes…w/ Rachael Pontillo Healthy Skin Show 276: Dupixent Eye Side Effects: What's Going On? {RESEARCH} w/ Dr. Roselie Achten Demodex Blepharitis: A Comprehensive Review of the Disease, Current Management, and Emerging Therapies (RESEARCH) TikToks Demodex Mites Treatment Product Recommendations We Love Eyes - All Natural Tee Tree Cleansing Oil We Love Eyes - Tree Tree Eyelid foaming Cleanser OCuSOFT HypoChlor Spray Zocular ZocuFoam Eyelid Cleanser Demodex Mites Treatment Prescription Eye Medication XDEMVY
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