332: SIBO Symptoms Trigger Rosacea, Psoriasis + Eczema w/ Dr. Allison Siebecker
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Struggling with SIBO symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, gas, and diarrhea, can be very frustrating. SIBO (short for small intestine bacterial overgrowth) is basically what it sounds like: Bacteria overgrow in the small intestine leading to many symptoms that impact the gut and other body systems. The presence of SIBO can trigger IBS, SIBO malabsorption (where you don’t absorb the nutrients from food and end up with nutrient deficiencies), and even anxiety due to inflammation. And SIBO symptoms can also include skin problems! For example, there’s an established SIBO-rosacea connection: Research has shown that SIBO is present in about 77% of people with rosacea! Additionally, SIBO is found in about 20% of psoriasis cases. In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Allison Siebecker to answer all of your burning SIBO questions. We’ll discuss common (and uncommon!) SIBO symptoms, SIBO test options, as well as how to treat SIBO (the conventional vs alternative options). Dr. Allison Siebecker, ND, LAc, MSOM has been specializing in small intestine bacterial overgrowth (aka SIBO) since 2011. She is the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the GastroANP, has been teaching Advanced Gastroenterology at NUNM since 2013, and is an award-winning author. Dr. Siebecker was the co-founder and former Medical Director of the SIBO Center for Digestive Health at NUNM. Her integrative SIBO protocols have helped thousands worldwide. In This Episode: What is small intestine bacterial overgrowth (aka SIBO)? SIBO symptoms + surprising triggers SIBO-rosacea connection + (other skin rash connections) SIBO breath test vs other testing options How to treat SIBO (conventional vs alternative SIBO treatment options) Myth busting: Can you stop SIBO with a SIBO diet (low FODMAP)? Nervous system dysregulation + SIBO Quotes “Our small intestine is where we digest and then absorb our nutrients from our food. And when there's too many bacteria overgrown there or methanogens, they interfere with that process. It can cause malnutrition and then all sorts of other problems. Skin problems can be one of them.” “What are those symptoms [of SIBO]? Abdominal bloating, that could come with discomfort, general pain or discomfort in the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea or a mixture of the two. So those are our core symptoms. There can also be nausea, a feeling that food is sitting in the stomach and won't move down. There could be gas exiting, so burping or excessive flatulence.” Links Find Dr. Siebecker online Healthy Skin Show ep. 018: SIBO-Skin Rash Connection w/ Amy Hollenkamp Healthy Skin Show ep. 019: SIBO-Rosacea Connection w/ Dr. Leonard Weinstock SIBO Recovery Roadmap® Course For practitioners: The SIBO Pro Mini Course (SAVE $220) For practitioners: Check Your Blindspots and Become A Better SIBO Practitioner book Nerva App (for IBS symptoms)
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