Should Celebrities Be Involved In Prison Reform?; & The Lunacy of Hen/Stag Season
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There's been a garden gnome heist and Trump's on his state visit (those are inter-connected stories, naturally.) Love Island is back - but is there any actual body diversity?  We discuss Kim Kardashian-West's campaign for clemency for convicted murderer and death row inmate, Kevin Cooper. Should celebrities lend their weight to social reform; or is this signify a dangerous "mission creep"?  And it's silly season: that of hens and stags. With the help of YOU, our brilliant High Low listeners, we discuss the maddest hen stories out there and throw in a few new surveys, for good measure. E-mail Tweet @thehighlowshow  Grief is the Thing With Feathers, by Max Porter My Dark Vanessa, by Kate Elizabeth Russell Terry Gross interviews Howard Stern, for Fresh Air
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