***Introducing Intelligent Speech 2020***
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I’m thrilled to announce that The History of Ancient Greece podcast will be participating once again in the Intelligent Speech Conference, hosted by Roifield Brown and the folks at Agora Podcast Network. It'll be online this year and not in NYC (for obvious reasons), but y'all should register and attend virtually! Details on how to do so are below.  Intelligent Speech 2020 is an online conference that brings together the best educational podcasters and their listeners Intelligent Speech 2020 is taking place at intelligentspeechconference.com from 10 am to 6 pm Eastern time June 27th There will be approximately 40 of the best educational podcasters on the day presenting a wide range of topics. At any one point, there will be up to 4 different conference streams for listeners to choose from. As well as solo presentations there will be a series of roundtable debates between the various podcasters. Listeners will be able to ask questions to their favourite podcast on the topics that they have presented. A one-day pass for the conference is currently prices priced at $10 for early bird tickets, these will be priced at $15 from June 1st. To purchase a ticket please click this link intelligentspeechconference.com/product/online-ticket/    
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In this episode, we discuss the life and death of Sokrates (ca. 470-399 BC), who is widely considered to be the father of western philosophy, with in-depth overviews of Aristophanes' Clouds and Plato's dialogue Euphyro, Apologia, Krito, and Phaido.  Show Notes: ...
Published 03/21/22
Published 03/21/22
In this episode, we discuss the aftermath of the Peloponnesian War at Athens, including the reign of the Thirty Tyrants, the Athenian civil war, and the restoration of the democracy    Show Notes: http://www.thehistoryofancientgreece.com/2021/10/108-thirty-tyrants.html
Published 10/11/21