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"In preparation for Persia’s increased involvement with the Greek mainland, I think it’s a good idea to get some expert input on the “Yauna” on the western frontiers of the great empire. Please enjoy my conversation with the excellent Ryan Stitt of The History of Ancient Greece Podcast."   The History of Persia Podcast Website: https://historyofpersiapodcast.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/HistoryofPersia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HistoryofPersiaPodcast  
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Published 02/28/24
In this episode, we discuss Spartan imperial policy at home and abroad in the aftermath of the Peloponnesian War at Sparta from 404-396 BC, including their war with Elis, the imperial ambitions of Lysander and the ascension of Agesilaos, Kinadon's foiled socio-political revolution, and Sparta's...
Published 02/28/24
In this episode, we discuss the life, influences, drawbacks, and positives of the Athenian military leader, philosopher, and historian--Xenophon (ca. 430-354 BC)--who was one of Sokrates' more famous pupils; and the post-Peloponnesian war Panhellenic campaign into the heart of the Persian Empire...
Published 01/05/23