Invitation to Join in on Classical Wisdom's Symposium October 24/25!
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From the folks over at Classical Wisdom!   Classical Wisdom’s World-Wide Inaugural: SYMPOSIUM 2020 POWER & POLITICS WITH SPECIAL GUEST AUTHORS AND ACADEMICS   Streaming Live | October 24-25, 2020 (starting 10am Saturday / starting 11am Sunday)   This is your opportunity to join an exclusive online Symposium with some of the greatest thinkers on the ancient worlds. Immerse yourself in the Classical World for a weekend of wit and wisdom (and wine!) that will return you to the modern world refreshed and inspired by the Ancients.   Join our live streaming conference to partake in inspiring conversation with leading authors and distinguished professors in Ancient History, Philosophy and Mythology. It will begin with a morning of engaging and insightful presentations. Then, each afternoon, you can indulge in the revered Classical Experience of the Symposium: brilliant discussion with the grape of Gods. We will recreate this unique experience with an online wine tasting and presentation followed by a stirring panel discussion. It will be the most enjoyable, inspiring Symposium dedicated to understanding Power and Politics.   12 SPEAKERS, 1 WEEKEND OF ANCIENT WISDOM   -- (All times Eastern Daylight/ New York Time) --   Saturday October 24, 2020 10am Liz Gloyn | Monsters, Power And Control 11am Neville Morley | Thucydides, Power and Negotiation 12am Lisa Anderson-Zhu | Power and Politics in Art 1:30pm James S Romm | Philosophers, Kings, and Philosopher-kings 2:30pm Michael Fontaine | How to Drink: A Classical Guide toImbibing 3:30pm LIVE: Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club 4pm LIVE PANEL: How Has the Concept of Power Changed? Liz Gloyn, Neville Morley and James S Romm   Sunday October 25, 2020 11am Adriel M. Trott | How Slavery Threatens the "Political" in Aristotle's Polis 12pm Donald Robertson | Politics and Anger in Marcus Aurelius 1pm Mary Townsend | Power and Pleonexia: The Desire for More 2pm Aaron Smith | Morality and Political Power 3:30pm Mary Naples | The Thesmophoria: Feminine Consciousness in Ancient Greece 4:30pm Massimo Pigliucci | How to be a Stoic when Facing Modern Politics 5:30pm LIVE: Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club 6pm LIVE PANEL: What Power Does the Individual have in Politics? A.A. Long, Massimo Pigliucci and Donald Robertson
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In this episode, we discuss the life and death of Sokrates (ca. 470-399 BC), who is widely considered to be the father of western philosophy, with in-depth overviews of Aristophanes' Clouds and Plato's dialogue Euphyro, Apologia, Krito, and Phaido.  Show Notes: ...
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