Episode 29 - Communicating Climate: Demystifying vs Greenwashing
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Talking about climate change, especially in the developing world, is no longer a topic of so-called "academic interest". There are now multitudes of issues involved, countless lobbies on both sides of the debate and largely uninformed public. Climate communication in such a scenario becomes pertinent and as important as the climate issues themselves. But climate comms, especially in the West have been long alleged for whitewashing facts and greenwashing any and every step that the Global North took to tackle climate change. In the middle of this, Aarti Khosla launched what can be said to be India's first dedicated climate communication platform Climate Trends. Khosla has been in the communication sector for her whole career and has been associated with leading NGOs, climate groups etc. Khosla is also Director, CarbonCopy, a dedicated platform for climate-related news. Timestamp: 0:00 - Podcast intro 2:35 - About Aarti Khosla and her professional journey 5:00 - Some of the most successful climate comms campaigns led by Aarti. 7:39 - Driving force behind starting Climate Trends? 9:55 - Tips and tricks to simplify climate to layman and the role of climate comms in India 17:31 - Strategies for balancing the narrative of energy transition fossil fuel 26:23 - Some of the key issues/concepts that are difficult to communicate. 30:15 - Climate communication has been very specific to the global north. 39:57 - Modes of communication which have been most effective 45:10 - Engaging with policymakers 48:14 - Handling the criticism of whitewashing that Climate communication faces from the media. 51:49 - Podcast outro Follow TIEH podcast on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube Aarti Khosla is on Twitter and Linkedin Our host, Shreya Jai on Twitter, Linkedin & Dr. Sandeep Pai on Twitter, Linkedin Podcast Producer, Tejas Dayananda Sagar on Twitter and Linkedin
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