The World According to Mario Gabelli
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The legendary investor joins the show to talk about this market cycle, where he spots opportunities, and his process for picking great companies. Plus, we are living in the land of huge numbers. How rising deficits, debt and household income are combining to create bubbles across capital markets. And, what to expect from the Fed’s meeting on interest rates. All that and more on The Investopedia Express. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Maureen Farrell of the Wall Street Journal and co-author of "The Cult of We", joins the show to unpack how the unicorn office rental/real estate company went from one of the most valued private companies on the planet to near collapse under the leadership of its cult-like leader, Adam Neumann....
Published 07/19/21
Andy Serwer, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Finance joins the show to share what makes them great, and the challenges facing all investors at this stage of the recovery. Plus the investing and finance term of the week as we head into the start of earnings season. The Investopedia Express is sponsored...
Published 07/12/21
On this week's podcast we go inside our money minds with Morgan Housel. The best-selling author and financial columnist shares the behavioral traits that push us to make bad investing decisions, and how to re-train our minds to make the right ones. We also look out into the second half of the...
Published 07/06/21