Jay and Dan 3.0 Finale - Part 4
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In Part 4 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we talk to our friend James Duthie tries to convince us he's not a Senators fan, remembers being asked to recruit Dan for TSN, and recounts the old AM/PM golf mix up.  We flashback to the story that literally launched it's own podcast with the tale of the Rubber Boot man.  Engineer Jim joins the pod and talks about recording the first podcast at Fox, and quickly realizing their genius.  We flashback to a 6 Degrees segment from the 2.0 days. The most polarizing guest in pod history, Mr. Hi Daaaaaaaaaan himself, Ben Teller calls in with an update on his love life, and to recite a special poem in honour of Dan.  We Flashback to the first episode of 3.0 where Ben recaps a double date, and Dan hangs up on a would you rather.  We close out this pod with 15 minutes of old school Jay and Pad Pod hilarity.  Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us, and for your love and support over the years.  We hit the pause button for now bahds… til 4.0.  Why Not Eh?!?!
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