5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Business Scaled
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Today we are talking about 5 things I wish I knew before my business scaled. When we went to each level and especially at a million I had to go thru so much mentally. Sometimes you grow financially and then have to catch up mentally in order to sustain it and then I think sometimes you grow mentally and then you will see the finances come. Hit the Highlights [02:04] Going from zero dollars to six figures. [4:07] Managing your fears. [7:47] Changing your focus. [9:12] Quit people pleasing. [10:08] God gave YOU the vision to steward. [11:03] Getting around likeminded people [15:26] Adding income streams   Important Links Make sure to pop over to my Instagram (@jenniferallwood) and let me know what you choose today! And if you want more information on my 8-week long Better Way Program go to betterwayprogram.com! 👉🏼Ask Me!!  Go ahead! What would you like to ask me!? I'm going to be doing a thing...I'm answering your business-related questions on upcoming podcast episodes and would love to invite you to leave me something you might be wondering about or struggling with in your biz. Go to JenniferAllwood.com/ask and leave me a short question...and then listen for your question to be answered on an upcoming episode! Subscribe and Review I am honored to show up each week on The Jennifer Allwood Show and bring you inspiring and actionable content that I hope is truly helpful for you. One of the best ways you can bless me in return is to subscribe to the show and leave a review! By subscribing, you allow each episode to be downloaded straight to your phone which helps our download numbers and makes sure you never miss an episode. And when you leave a review, you help show others the value of what we provide! You can GO HERE to subscribe and review!  
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