Shemini: Why Keep Kosher? - TJS 034
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Parashat Shemini, the third weekly Torah portion in the Book of Leviticus, gives us a menu: If you eat meat, here's the types of animals you can eat, and the types you can't. The big question is: Why bother following these rules today?
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In this "Ask Me Anything" session - recorded LIVE - we talk about Jewish funerals, how to buy your first set of tefillin, Kabbalah books for beginners, and more. Plus I share my favorite Hebrew song and my two favorite arguments in the whole Talmud.
Published 05/15/19
Published 05/15/19
In this live studio recording, Jewcurious people ask questions they have about Passover, including what to do if you hate horseradish, the difference between round matzah and square matzah, and whether Christians should should have seders.
Published 04/15/19