Jared Dillian (From Lehman Brothers to 2021 - how did the financial industry change?)
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00:00:23 How did Jared’s path from Lehman Brothers to Internet personality develop?00:05:06 How did the finance industry develop during the last 20 years?00:08:18 Jared’s experience on writing a novel (and how it compares to his other book)?00:11:29 What is Jared’s view of the deflation/ inflation debate?00:17:03 Is productivity growth really as low as we assume? What role do stock buybacks play?00:22:01 Is individual risk taking the key to increase productivity growth? 00:25:01 What are great areas of investment according to Jared?00:30:01 Will DeFi eradicate banks and most of the financial industry?00:34:01 Is the banking industry a good indicator for the health and competitiveness of an economy? 00:38:36 How consistent should financial commentators be? Jared Dillian is the author of Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers, named one of the top business books of 2011 by Businessweek magazine. Jared runs The Daily Dirtnap, LLC, which provides daily market commentary and insight to a range of institutional clients. Big Thanks to our Sponsors! ExpressVPN – Claim back your Internet privacy for less than $10 a month! Mighty Travels Premium – incredible airfare and hotel deals – so everyone can afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels! Sign up for free! Divvy – get business credit without a personal guarantee and 21st century spend management plus earn 7x rewards on restaurants & more. Get started for free! Brex – get a business account, a credit card, spend management & convertible rewards for every dollar you spend. Plus now earn $250 just for signing up (Terms & Conditions apply).
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