Glenn "Family Assorted" Robbins & chocolate biscuits 🍪
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Hear Glenn every week on Somehow Related (with Dave O'Neil) We start with a distressing experience Kitty had lately.   The Chocolate Biscuits (from 13:00) Glenn - The Byron Bay Cookie Company, Triple Choc, mini version Dave - TeeVee Snacks Kitty - Chocolate Scotch Finger   Hot tip with high crumble factor biscuits - bite, then press your tongue into the biscuit where there could be a crumble. That's if you're meeting the Prime Minister or equivalent special person.   Music credit: Banjos, Unite! by Alexander Nakarada ( under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License   Facebook Group for The Junkees is here. Support the podcasts you listen to, subscribe on About The Junkees on   Follow Kitty! Instagram / Facebook / YouTube Follow Dave! Twitter / Facebook   Tell a friend about the show or leave a review wherever you can.  Get in touch with a suggestion for Dave and Kitty - [email protected]   Big shout out to Audio Technica - The Junkees use Audio Technica AT-BP40 microphones. Sounding good! More about the show: See for privacy information. See for privacy information.
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He's from the podcast Somehow Related, among other things. How many biscuits do you have on the go? The perils of tea and biscuits Death Row Afternoon Tea Favourite Plain Biscuits   Next episode: Favourite Chocolate Biscuit.   Facebook Group for The Junkees is here. Support the podcasts...
Published 03/30/24
Where are these from?
Published 03/23/24