Mysterious Discovery On The Blood Of Christ Changes Everything
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On today's episode of Supernatural Living, we're discussing one of Lance's favorite Bible studies and the three verses that will change your life. We're talking about the blood of Jesus, the resurrection, where we find mercy in times of need, and more!
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Published 06/09/23
On today's broadcast, we are joined by Sam Brownback, a former senator, governor, and ambassador for religious freedom. We're discussing the importance of talking about religious persecution, dealing with woke capitalism, and what a convention of States is - the remedy to America's problem. Join...
Published 06/09/23
On today's broadcast, we're discussing the five trends that will blow your mind! We're digging into skipping school for pride month, kids in the capital being forced to cease singing the dangerous US National anthem, the FBI suggesting a need for domestic terror laws to silence critics of gender...
Published 06/08/23