Things I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Earlier
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Lance, Mercedes, and Carl discuss the power of convergence in finding one's ultimate career, using Joseph from the Bible as an example. They explore the concept of micro convergence moments throughout one's life, where finishing phases of God's predestined preparation process can lead to bigger things. You don't want to miss this episode!
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Published 06/07/23
Today's broadcast discusses the news behind the headlines as the Nova Kakhovka dam is blown up in southern Ukraine while Russia and Ukraine point fingers at each other as the perpetrators. We're sharing what we know about the Nord Stream pipeline, Marxism shutting down free speech, Judge Jeanine...
Published 06/07/23
On today's broadcast, we're explaining how to access the throne room of power and the persecution seen in the book of Esther. Esther is the story of the hidden God, and there's a secret prophecy here. You want to make sure to catch this fascinating episode!
Published 06/06/23