Bonus: Emails #2
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Hello again! We finish out Feb. 2023 with all sorts of talking topics submitted to us from and by you! From Joel's decision to take Ellie to whether or not Joel held any contempt towards Tommy, we take a closer look into these and more! Find us around and about: Wayfarin' Strangers: The Last of Us Podcast > Apple PodcastsTwitterInstgramYouTubeMERCH!Our WebsiteEmail: tloupodcast @ gmail dot com
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Well well well... we're sprouting in your feed again, ready to sit down each week and talk about TLOU and what y'all have to say! So, we covered season 1, we read your thoughts and now it's time to combine both and share! This is the first of ? bonus shows where we read our listener emails, talk...
Published 05/19/23
This is it! The finale! The end (of season 1). The culmination of nine whole weeks of The Last of Us on HBO. ...Jack and Andrew return with their episode 9 review of “Look For the Light,” in all its gory, beautiful detail. Come along for the good, the bad and the ugly as they assess, compare and...
Published 03/20/23