Sen. Kyrsten Sinema op-ed: We have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster
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Tonight on the Last Word: Democrats brace for a voting rights showdown in the Senate. Also, monthly child tax credit payments start on July 15th. Plus, Manhattan prosecutors target Donald Trump’s top allies. And former Biden White House Senior COVID Adviser Andy Slavitt discusses the pace of COVID vaccinations. Helen Butler, Nse Ufot, Jonathan Alter, Susan Rice and Daniel Alonso also join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Published 09/21/21
Tonight on the Last Word: Capitol Hill braces for the pro-January 6 rally tomorrow. Also, North Carolina judges block a Republican voter ID law as discriminatory. Plus, Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas push back on the idea that Supreme Court justices are partisan. And nearly...
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Tonight on the Last Word: A new book reveals Donald Trump screamed at Paul Ryan for condemning white supremacy. Also, the child tax credit lifted three million kids out of poverty in July. Plus, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers subpoena voters’ personal information. And Republican governors...
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