The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast #3 - Long term athlete development and sports psychology with Johan Rininsland (Part 1/3)
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In this episode of the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast podcast I sit down with the man behind the Swedish Beach Volleyball Podcast ( and most of the coach training programs given to new coaches in Sweden - Johan Rininsland. We have a proper volleynerd discussion mostly around the topics of long term athlete development (how to be smart in the long run) and sports psychology. This episode has a lot of golden nuggets in it that will help you approach your beach volleyball career in a smarter and more efficient way, hope you enjoy! Book mentioned in the episode (AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: If you buy the book or anything else from within 24 hours of clicking the link below, you are financially supporting the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast-project with no additional cost for you, which will help this project grow and provide more well needed beach volleyball content to the world - a win-win!): Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded by Maxwell Maltz - Always get the latest updates, best insights and special opportunities before anyone else by signing up to the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast newsletter at: Link to the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Facebook community: Also check out: #BeachVolleyballPodcast #LearnSmarterNotSlower #LearnBeachVolleyballFast #BeachVolleyball #SandVolleyball
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