Perfect Albums, Vol. 4; The Attorney Whisperer—Randa Prendergast; and “Beantown Beanfest”
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Randa Prendergast takes a “June Cleaver” approach to running a law firm, making every little thing run smoothly without breaking a sweat. Jared and Randa talk through how to identify your workflow needs and develop processes that make it easy for employees old and new to know exactly how to keep things rolling. Later on in the Rump Roast, Jared’s fellow Bostonian Dan Winslow joins to talk about the great equalizer of the food world (beans, obviously) and the real reason Boston has long been known as “Beantown.” Dan also discusses the first-ever Beantown Beanfest, coming up on June 24, 2023! And, finally, 1974’s “Sundown” album by Gordon Lightfoot is perfect. In Jared’s words, the title track is “…maybe the most quietly menacing pop song ever written.” That description alone is pretty damn intriguing, so tune in for Jared’s thoughts on the whole album—and RIP Gordon Lightfoot (November 17, 1938 – May 1, 2023). Randa Prendergast is the Attorney Whisperer at Mrs. June Legal, LLC. Daniel B. Winslow is President of the New England Legal Foundation. ------ In honor of the late, great Gordon Lightfoot, here is a smattering of some of that Yukon gold! ----- Our opening track is Two Cigarettes by Major Label Interest. Our closing track is Night Whispers by Dr. Delight.
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