AI Tells Lame Jokes; The Fastcase/vLex Merger; and “ChatGPT Jeopardy!”
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Fastcase and vLex have merged to form the world's largest law library, containing the law from over 100 countries and more than a billion documents. One platform with all these resources means attorneys around the world will have bigger, better, faster access to everything they need to do legal research. Jared chats with Ed Walters of Fastcase about their goals for democratizing the law and what plans they have to continue developing this global library and legal AI for easier use. This time on the Rump Roast, Jared and Ed play “Wack-Ass Responses from AI to Completely Reasonable Prompts,” but that title seems a bit unwieldy, so you can just think of it as: “ChatGPT Jeopardy!” And, since AI will probably take over the world eventually, let’s prove our superiority while we still can. Jared’s found the clincher: we’re funny, and AI’s sense of humor is decidedly lame. We win. Ed Walters is the CEO and co-founder of Fastcase, an online legal research software company. Read more about the merger: Legal tech disruptors vLex and Fastcase merge to form world’s largest global law library ----- Legal research is all about searching, but there's a lot of other stuff you can look for, too. ----- Our opening track is Two Cigarettes by Major Label Interest. Our closing track is Yellow Letter by Sam Barsh.
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