A Little Peace Of Mind In Business With Nicola Bird
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I’m thrilled to be able to kick off the new Living Fearlessly Podcast by bringing you a real and raw interview with my long-time coach, business mentor and friend, Nicola Bird. It’s no exaggeration to say that Nicola is a force of nature! If you’ve not met her yet, you’ll love her refreshing honesty and...
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In this latest episode I chat about Living Fearlessly with Marketing and Business Coach, Shailia Stephens. Shailia is one of my favourite people and I’m really excited to share her wisdom with you. Hear Shailia’s insights on: The impact of the Living Fearlessly principles on how she works with...
Published 05/10/18
Published 05/10/18
In the latest episode I chat about Living Fearlessly with the author of Joyride, NLP Trainer and Transformative Coach, David Key.  I wanted to interview David because I noticed his book is frequently purchased together with Living Fearlessly, on Amazon so I thought he’d be a perfect fit. Hear...
Published 04/07/18