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WHAT A RUSH!  The guys get going with the major review and giveaways and then discussed last week's follow up! We then do the news (41:15) followed by the Ringside TopTen (1:11:01). We then do Weekly Purchases (1:11:58). We then move over to Major Mark Purchases of the week (1:43:01)  and we...
Published 05/24/24
Some classic weekly purchases! (Episode 193) A special 200 episode edition of the incarnation of domination! The boys talk about their goals for the next 200 episodes and beyond! Social Media: Twitter: @JGeorgeTheMovie, @MajorWFPod , @TheMattCardona , @Myers_Wrestling, @majorpodnetwork...
Published 05/23/24
We've decided to give everyone BONUS episodes FROM THE VAULT!  Every other week we will release an OLDER bonus episode from our exclusive site We've decided to release FWF Season 2 in its entirety!  Here is PPV 2!  ENJOY THE MADNESS!  Mark vs Matt!
Published 05/15/24