#11 - The Art Of Money Discipline With @mravocadough
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Mr Avo joined me on this episode of The Making Money Simple Podcast to discuss money discipline. The conversation was free flowing and we discussed a range of topics, from opportunity cost, to instant vs delayed gratification, to lifestyle inflation, to how to set yourself up for success on payday. In particular, we talked about frugality and how it is important to strike a disciplined balance. Whilst having an avocado toast on the weekend won't be too detrimental to your wealth building journey, daily expenditures can certainly rack up over the course of the year. It's important to strike a healthy balance between treating yourself but also investing for the future. As ultimately the goal of investing is to one day build up your 'nest egg' to a point where you can do whatever you like on a daily basis. Listen to the full episode for more details.
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