#22 Mobile Diagnostics With Jeremy Stackawitz, In Vitro Diagnostics, biomarker testing, COVID-19 and business development
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Jeremy discovered his passion for science and business at an early age hence his decision to pursue a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College then an MBA in Healthcare Management from The Wharton School. Over the years he has held various roles with McKinsey, Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and Quotient Limited, a diagnostics company where he served as President and worked at for over 10 years prior to joining Senzo Health in October 2021 On this episode he covers the exciting innovations he is working on within his relatively new role as the CEO of Senzo Health, such as a new patented platform for biomarker testing known as the Mobile Analyzer Platform not only for COVID testing but also for various other conditions and diseases related to cardiology, hormones and different types of cancers, The latest developments within medical diagnostics, integration with software and what the future of testing will be like, By what method the decision process works within a company to find unmet needs, diversifying a business and dealing with the level of uncertainty new ideas come with during their implementation, How the technologies used within COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests can be repurposed for other infectious diseases as the pandemic becomes less prevalent and his passion for working on and collecting cars, travelling and playing sports Get in touch with Jeremy Stackawitz - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremystackawitz/ or visit his company website https://www.senzo.com/
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