#23 Digital Health With Waqaas Al-Siddiq, real time diagnostics, artificial intelligence, passive and active monitoring
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Waqaas is a serial entrepreneur, a former investment advisor, an expert in corporate strategy, and an innovative technologist. Since forming Biotricity he has become deeply vested in the potential that connected technology, enhanced with artificial intelligence could bring to healthcare. He holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Henley Business School, specialized in Transformative Innovations and Billion Dollar Markets. On this episode he covers the gap in the market within digital health including the differences between passive and active monitoring, the innovations and problems he is working on solving at Biotricity, the process of forming, growing and maintaining a business within healthcare together with various hurdles he had to overcome in the early days, his advice for young student and graduates who are looking to get into Digital Health, the current status of AI as a support tool separating fact from fiction and what the future of it will be together with the limitations of the current regulatory requirements on the development of AI and Machine Learning and his passion for different types of cuisine and professional polo Get in touch with Waqaas Al-Siddiq https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-waqaas-al-siddiq-dba-5a0b682/ or visit his company website https://www.biotricity.com/ Get in touch with Karandeep Badwal - https://www.linkedin.com/in/karandeepbadwal/ Follow Karandeep on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/QRAMedical Subscribe to the Podcast
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