This is the End. Thank You and Goodnight.
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Well, we have decided to call it quits and press pause on The Meltdown City Podcast. This has been the best and most fun adventure for both of us. We are so grateful for anyone who has ever listened, liked us, supported us or been a guest on the show. We could not have done it without you. On this episode, this very last episode, we definitely hit all of the emotions. We talk about our journey, this experience, where we were started in the beginning and where we have come. We take the time to thank a bunch of people and we know we didn't hit everyone. We also talk about what is going on in the world with George Floyd's death and racism in America. Black Lives Matter. All lives will matter when black lives matter. We need to do better. Check out the BLM website resource ( for what you can do if you are white and how you can support racial justice. We honestly love you all. We will miss hearing from you but you can reach me, Nicole @alisundet ( on Instagram. I'll keep monitoring the email and we'll leave the episodes up. Remember, you can shake things up and you can start over. If you are not happy, keep digging and working on what you are after. You are worth it. Your dreams are worth it. We love you. Peace Out, Nic & Ali
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Hello from the dead. We are still here, messing around per usual and dropping a random episode. That's all I'll say. If you want to drop a line, the podcast email is still up, but the website has been retired. Hope you are all well. Nic and Ali
Published 03/11/21
HI Meltdown City Peeps, I have officially launched my new nursing podcast - Found Down. Here is the first episode. If you like it, please like, review and subscribe! Also, Ali and I are going to do a random episode in the coming weeks just for the hell of it. I miss you guys. XO Nic
Published 08/15/20
On this episode, we realize we have not recorded just the two of us in since mid-April so we have a lot to catch up on. We shout out to our listeners who have written in such as Katrina, James and Thomas. We share epic meltdowns and bring back 'TV Time.' We hope you are managing ok in this...
Published 06/01/20