#289: My Take on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz | 20-minute brain dump as well.
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Embracing new information is the cornerstone of personal growth. Just as plants need sunlight to flourish, our minds require fresh insights to thrive. When we actively seek out and absorb new knowledge, we expand our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and ignite our curiosity. Whether it’s learning a new skill, exploring different cultures, or delving into […]
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The decline of the middle class in North America is a complex issue, but some argue it’s not accidental. Factors like globalization, automation, and stagnant wages are squeezing the middle. Critics point to policies favouring the wealthy and corporations, suggesting a system rigged against the...
Published 05/15/24
Published 05/15/24
Gathered around microphones cell phones and a failed zoom call, the nostalgia flowed as freely as the memories at “The Cabin,” our cherished watering hole from years past. Two decades may have passed since our last conversation, but the camaraderie and connection were instant as we delved into...
Published 04/26/24