Ep #034 | How Jay Shetty Became the #1 Personality on Facebook
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We believe this recent episode of The Mindvalley Show has the power to change lives, just like it changed ours. In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with the legendary Jay Shetty. Let us tell you, Jay is an absolute gem. He spoke at one of our Mindvalley events, and his insights were absolutely mind-blowing. Jay is an incredible speaker and watching him on stage is an experience like no other. It's no wonder he was the most followed human being on Facebook at that time, even surpassing Barack Obama! So, what's the secret behind Jay's success? Well, that's one of the questions we dive into during this episode. We explore how Jay built such a massive following and the strategies he used to connect with his audience. Trust us, the insights he shares are pure gold. Join us as we dive deep into Jay's incredible journey and discover the secrets behind his massive success. We dove into the importance of education over entertainment and the strategies he used to build a massive following. Get inspired by Jay's wisdom and insights on self-growth and discover how Mindvalley's social and entertaining approach makes personal development accessible to everyone.  Plus, find out how Jay's timeless content continues to impact lives and why social media skills are crucial for entrepreneurs. Don't miss this transformative episode that could change your life too! Key Takeaways [00:02:59] Building a following on social media. [00:04:05] Jay's journey as a monk. [00:08:15] Transitioning from monk to teacher. [00:11:23] Unique voice in social media. [00:13:09] Insights from monk life. [00:17:21] Rejection from media companies. [00:20:35] YouTube channel success. [00:23:52] Finding your unique performing element. [00:25:06] Creating meaningful content. [00:28:03] The ideal Facebook length. [00:30:10] Focus on storytelling in videos. [00:31:14] Starting and ending videos. [00:34:41] Making good quality content. [00:37:39] Building the foundations of business. [00:44:06] Breaking the linear journey. [00:48:51] How do you learn and grow? [00:49:43] Building a following on Instagram. [00:53:31] Monetizing niche followings. [00:55:46] Know your genre and format. Where to Find Our Guest Website: jayshetty.me Instagram: @jayshetty Facebook: Jay Shetty YouTube: @jayshetty Twitter: @jayshetty Memorable Quotes "I have this belief that we don't change and transform because of science, we change because of story. Science informs, but story transforms."– Jay Shetty "The focus behind each video is you should be able to watch it in 10 years and it should still make sense. It should have that timelessness. It should not become a trend or a fad. It should not be a video that isn't eternally relevant because I believe wisdom is timeless." – Jay Shetty "There's more of a responsibility for us to be more loyal, to be more committed, to really value our audience, because without them, we wouldn't even have a presence." – Jay Shetty To stay connected and to learn more about Vishen and Mindvalley, click on the links below:  Website: Mindvalley.com YouTube: @vishenlakhiani Instagram: @mindvalley Instagram: @vishen Facebook: @mindvalley Subscribe to 'Mindvalley Membership' to discover 65+ transformational Mindvalley programs – at a surprisingly low annual fee here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/NOW 
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