Building a Non-Anxious Life
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The Minimalists speak with psychologist Dr. John Delony about finding peace in difficult times. Watch all 2 hours of episode 412 on The Minimalists Private Podcast. Discussed in this episode: How can I learn to be at peace with myself? (02:27) How can I get back custody of my children? (12:29) Why do The Minimalists post to social media? (22:50) What if peace isn’t our natural state? (29:30) Detailed show notes: Join The Minimalists Private Podcast:
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The Minimalists talk about the benefits of restraint, the struggles of consumerism for new minimalists, the difficulties of letting go of social media, and more. Discussed in this episode: How do I declutter my online-shopping addiction? (1:56) What factors contributed to The Minimalists...
Published 04/15/24
Published 04/15/24
The Minimalists discuss the art of streamlining one’s life, letting go of difficult things, how the need for approval keeps people tethered to a lifestyle they don’t want, and more.  Discussed in this episode: How can I get my husband to let go of just-in-case items? (3:52) How does my need...
Published 04/08/24