One Day or Day One
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The Minimalists talk about how to start decluttering and letting go of stories about things. Watch all 2 hours of episode 424 on The Minimalists Private Podcast. Discussed in this episode: What’s the best method to start decluttering? (02:00) How do you get rid of things that are brand new? (12:36) How can I live my life without constantly feeling disappointed by the world around me? (25:58) How can I stop feeling defeated by my clutter? (37:40) Detailed show notes: Join The Minimalists Private Podcast:
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The Minimalists discuss the art of streamlining one’s life, letting go of difficult things, how the need for approval keeps people tethered to a lifestyle they don’t want, and more.  Discussed in this episode: How can I get my husband to let go of just-in-case items? (3:52) How does my need...
Published 04/08/24
Published 04/08/24
The Minimalists talk about the three different kinds of letting go (graduation, divorce, death), several ways to detach from a former spouse, and how to move on when you feel like you can’t let go. Discussed in this episode: How can I detach from my former spouse while actively coparenting and...
Published 04/01/24