Minimizing Narcissism
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The Minimalists speak with Dr. Ramani Durvasula about recognizing narcissists; whether the term “narcissist” is overused; the roles of self-righteousness, complaining, and comparison in narcissism; and how to walk away. Watch all 2 hours of episode 431  on The Minimalists Private Podcast. Discussed in this episode: How do you know someone is a narcissist, and is the term overused? (01:11) How can I tell a narcissist that they’re the problem? (21:55) How do you let go of your feelings if your emotions are tied to your ego? (37:02) How can you mentally let go of an item you’re keeping just for when? (41:33) Detailed show notes: Join The Minimalists Private Podcast:
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Published 04/08/24
Published 04/08/24
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