Next week, we launch a new series of The Modern House podcast, in which we invite architects, designers, artists and creatives to share their top three living spaces around the world. In our second series you can expect conversations with John Pawson, designer Jay Osgerby, singer-songwriter Paloma Faith and more, as we continue to explore the significance of home. Make sure to follow the show to be the first to hear of new episodes. 
Published 07/23/21
Courier magazine seeks out stories of people doing things on their own terms. But what about its founder, Jeff Taylor? Find out how he approaches life, work and home on this episode, plus discover what Jeff picked as his top three living spaces around the world. Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 03/12/21
How has the global pandemic changed our high streets? Is the future of the local shop looking better or worse after Covid? Hear Ross Bailey, founder and CEO of Appear Here, the ‘Airbnb for retail’, discuss all that and more on this issue of the podcast. Plus, what did Ross select as his top three living spaces in the world? Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 12/03/20
On the tenth episode of our podcast, Simon Allford, co-founder of international architecture practice AHMM and future RIBA president, talks architecture, homes and the power of ‘everyday buildings’. Plus, how has he turned a swimming pool into a living space? And what are his top three living spaces anywhere in the world?  Tune in now to find out. Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 10/29/20
Ab Rogers is the creative director of his namesake design and architecture studio, based in east London. Tune in to hear how a childhood "marinated in design", including site visits to the Centre Pompidou, designed by his father, Richard Rogers, lay the foundation for a career defined by experimentation and a trademark use of bold colours.
Published 09/10/20
For fashion designer Charlie Casely-Hayford, a sense of personal style runs deep. Son of the late influential designer Joe Casely-Hayford OBE, he grew accustomed to the world of fashion from an early age. Father and son teamed up to form their own label in 2009. Listen as Charlie reflects on his aesthetic, work and life; his appreciation of Japanese craft; and how he sees his retirement looking, as he picks his top three favourite living spaces around the world. Find out more at The Modern...
Published 07/09/20
Michael Craig-Martin, internationally-renowned conceptual artist, shares with us his favourite living spaces and reflects on his decades-long career and love of modernist design. Craig-Martin explains why he has a thing for minimalism, and what it was like to teach the YBA artists Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas, in the mid-1980s.  Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 06/18/20
Lucinda Chambers is the ex fashion director of British Vogue, turned fashion designer and entrepreneur. Tune in to hear Chambers reflect on her peripatetic childhood, her career at Vogue and her life-long love of fashion and interiors, as well as her top three living spaces across the world. Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 05/29/20
Faye Toogood is a multi-disciplinary designer whose work, spanning furniture, interiors and fashion, is subject to her explorative approach to form, fondness of colours inspired by British landscapes and a sculptor’s love of materials. Listen as Toogood reveals her affinity with the Bloomsbury group’s flamboyance, Sri Lankan modernism and California’s mid-century design legacy.  Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 05/07/20
Edmund de Waal, internationally renowned artist and writer, talks to us about architecture as craft and the beauty of materials, a fascination that was sparked when he began making pottery aged just five. Listen as de Waal takes us on a journey from an experimental modernist family home in California to an Arts and Crafts icon in Bexleyheath, and hear why, for him, home is retreat. Find out more at The Modern House site.
Published 04/23/20
Jonathan Tuckey came to architecture via studying social anthropology, which taught him the human value of well-designed spaces and the importance of home. It might also explain his taste for working with old buildings, forging original designs with contemporary materials from the remnants of bakeries, ironmongers, chapels and more. 
Published 04/02/20
Welcome to the Isokon penthouse, home of Tom Broughton, founder of modern spectacle makers Cubitts. It’s no surprise Tom chose this iconic building, which he bought via the Modern House in 2018, as his first pick of top three homes. We explore the charming economy of the design, how to furnish the museum-quality space and the appeal of living in a building that once operated as the de facto London campus of the Bauhaus for the German school’s émigré faculty staff.  
Published 03/05/20
Rosa Park is founding editor of Cereal magazine, which is dedicated to thoughtful travel and lifestyle stories and known for its pared-back aesthetic. Here she reveals her love of Bath’s sandstone buildings, the unique style of her family home - and why you'd better not call her a minimalist.
Published 01/24/20