Catch You on the Flip Side with Krystal and Dedric Polite
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Running your own business is hard. Sometimes, marriage can be a challenge too. Chris finds out what happens when those worlds collide by hanging out with Krystal and Dedric Polite, the stars of “50/50 Flip”! They open up about their work/life balance and why asking your partner about their debt on the first date is the most romantic thing you could do! Plus, Krystal and Dedric share some advice on how to get started in flipping houses in an affordable and accessible way! See for privacy information.
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Our conversation with Brad continues… why is he single? See for privacy information.
Published 05/22/24
He was Bachelor #11 (Season 11, 2007) and Bachelor #15 (Season 15, 2011). For the first time, he is revealing behind-the-scenes details of why his seasons are so challenging.  See for privacy information.
Published 05/20/24