Ep. 131: Temptress Truffles, Fruiting Bodies Collective & Compassionate Upliftment (feat. Elan Hagens)
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Today on Mushroom Hour we have the honor of being joined by Elan Hagens. Elan Hagens is a native Oregonian who has been playing in the woods, wildcrafting and going to outdoor education classes her entire life.  Her passion for everything animals and the outdoors led her to working with dogs in in her early 20s. Following that path landed her an opportunity to participate in a dog based reality show on CBS! Later work at an Iditarod sled dog kennel and training her dogs how to forage for native Oregon truffles further deepened her love for everything outdoors and led to her creating Temptress Truffles a decade ago.  Temptress Truffles is all about wild foraging, wildcrafting and connecting people to the outdoors. Elan loves watching people learn how to engage with nature in different ways besides technical outdoor sports and activities. She teaches classes in mushroom foraging, food Justice and nature crafting. In January 2021 she cofounded a new business called Fruiting Bodies Collective. Through an excellent podcast show, a growing facilitator training program and other projects, the Fruiting Bodies Collective hopes to destigmatize psychedelics and serve marginalized groups. All of Elan’s projects seem to stem from a deep-rooted passion for sharing her lifelong love of everything outdoors and helping everyone, no matter their background, to appreciate the natural environment as she does.    TOPICS COVERED:    Nature-Loving Tagalong with a Mother Who Loves Fresh Food   Becoming a Reality TV Star   Intentional Choices of Sponsors and Partnerships   Truffle Fundamentals   The Secret to Truffle Hunting - Habitat    “Raked Truffles” vs Dog-Found Truffles   Running a Foraged-Goods Business    Indigenous Land Acknowledgement   BIPOC Representation in the Outdoors   Mycological Elitism   Harvesting Wild Clay, Building Community   Fruiting Bodies Collective    Engaging and Educating as Psilocybin Emerges into the Mainstream   Black and Indigenous Representation in Psychedelic Spaces   EPISODE RESOURCES:    Temptress Truffles IG: https://www.instagram.com/temptresstruffles/   Fruiting Bodies Collective IG: https://www.instagram.com/fruitingbodiesco/   Danner - Elan Hagens: https://vimeo.com/551545643   Sparassis crispa (fungus): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparassis_crispa   
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