Chicken Dance Elmo with Mitch Silpa
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On the Season 5 finale, Burnt describes the pill-stocking catastrophe at his previous job, Joan does some career soul-searching, and Doug has found his new favorite word. Later, special guest Chris is upset that her Elmo doll won't act as advertised. Dreading the end of the season? Fear not, the monthly BONUS ROOM episodes continue on! They're exclusively available by signing up for the Maximus plan on and subscribing to the AD-FREE feed. Stay tuned for season 6 news soon! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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On this episode we learn of an unexpectedly thrilling feature in town, Joan's trip to the Dignity Falls DMV, Burnt's harrowing dream, and Doug's personal memorabilia. Later, guest Rebecca (Raphael Chestang) is looking for some new grandparents for her kids on the NeighborhApp. Go...
Published 04/16/24
Published 04/16/24
On this week's episode we finally learn the true story behind the theme song, Burnt goes through the inventory management procedure at the Phallsmacy, and Joan explains the long overdue room in the Pedestrian home she has Doug working on. Later, they are joined by Dignity Falls resident Gerald...
Published 04/09/24