The Gas-Up Gang Rides Again
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It's a new year for The New Day, and this week, the guys catch up with a chat about facial hair maintenance, the damage kids do to houses, wrestling bears, snowmen, mowing the lawn and peaches. See for privacy information.
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Hear the lurid tale of Big E's accidental public nudity. Plus, the guys end the episode by turning down the gas a bit. See for privacy information.
Published 03/01/21
Kofi reminisces about his living situation leading up to his current home in Texas. Plus, E invites two friends (and former podcast guests) to the show to talk about a new project. See for privacy information.
Published 02/22/21
Three vastly underqualified "experts" answer all your steamy Valentine's Day queries about dating, relationships, marriage, and how to cope with your wife lusting after Finn Bálor while you look like Rick Moranis. See for privacy information.
Published 02/14/21