Special Ep: Never Been a Better Podcast 003: Like a Sippy Cup?
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We're taking a pause on the regular show this week to bring you another banger from the Patreon archive, in which Abby Russell and Austin Walker join us to talk about pottery, Legally Blonde, and scrambled porn. Advertise on The Nextlander Podcast at Gumball.fm, or support us on Patreon! IMAGES Abby's pottery: one, two Austin's Halloween image CHAPTERS (00:01:10) Intro (00:02:16) The fine art of pottery (00:11:06) When is the Giant Beast reunion? (00:13:42) Halloween around the world (00:14:59) Image should be embedded on the Patreon post for this podcast (00:16:34) Rain Walker (00:18:32) Prometheus moment (00:19:28) What happened to 3D? (00:20:29) First Break (00:20:39) Cinema excitement (00:23:43) Legally Blonde summary (00:26:50) Severance is also apparently very good! (00:28:36) What We Do in the Shadows (00:29:38) Nappy TV time (00:30:32) What helps you get your ZZZs? (00:32:59) Why is swim team so early?! (00:34:20) Alex's hooliganism (00:36:15) Bart Simpson bans (00:37:31) TV during dinners (00:43:46) The family computer (00:45:03) What's scrambled porn? (00:51:39) Second Break (00:51:49) Dispensary vs Headshop (00:52:40) Dental time (01:04:08) Scarred as a youth (01:09:05) Wrapping up and thanks See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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