Nikki Rich Show with Zach Sharpe Stern Pinball Inc
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Welcome! Today Nikki Rich Show is live with Zach Sharpe Stern Pinball the Director of Marketing for Stern Pinball, a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball. Pinball is not just Zach’s business, it’s in his blood. Zach is part of a multigenerational pinball family. Zach’s Father, Roger Sharpe, was the man responsible for legalizing pinball after it had been made illegal in prohibition. Zach and his Brother, Josh Sharpe, are both top-ranked competitive pinball players, known globally for their talent and skill. Zach was an integral part of the IFPA, helping with marketing and PR for years while he pursued it as a career. Zach joined Stern Pinball in 2017 as the Director of Marketing, a move that felt more like fate than employment. At Stern Pinball, Zach has overseen the record-breaking launches of the Munsters, Beatles, Deadpool machines, and more. Zach’s love of pinball shows in everything he does at Stern.
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