The Nightmare Fighting Tournament | Creepypasta
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his creepypasta story is from the author T.J Lea, this story is connected to several others of his and if you would like some additional context, be sure to check out the playlist here:   ►"The Bar Series"  ►"The Last Sin Eater"  ►"Tortoise and Terots" Special thanks to everyone who joined me in this video!  ►Autumn Ivy - Alduin Von Trier. Twitter: @xxautumnivyxx  ►TJ Lea - Eustace DeKolta, Miroslav Zanaya, Rex Chugg, Mr. Stares, Malphas & JJ Watson. Twitter: @TJayLea   ►Romnex - Nora Zayne, Fay & Elizabeth Sema Williams  ►Kaitsu - Abaddon & Qwong Xiao. Twitter: @TheGreatKaitsu  ►Dodge - Madame Nelle Lockwood. Twitter: @DodgeTheGraveYT & Dodge The Grave on YouTube.   ►Zachary “Zunkle” Unkle - Zunk. Twitter: @ZunkleFunkle &   ►Chelsea Rebecca - Moirah & Clodagh. Twitter: @Carebecc, search Dead Meat Podcast & Dead Meat YouTube Channel  ►SpiritVoices - Wendy - Twitter: @SpiritxVoices & Spirit Voices YT   ►Shakyra Dunn - Temperance and Freyja - Twitter: Shakyradunn   ►Kaiden - Krauss. UtsInBoots on Twitch & YouTube.   ►Andy - Landry Eavy. Twitter: @midniteauth0r & check out the Osaka Mime graphic novel --- Send in a voice message:
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This creepypasta scary story is from the creepypasta website, written by Tim Sprague. make sure to check out the original story and support the author!  ►The 🆂🆄🅸🅲*🅳🅴 Engineer --- Send in a voice message:
Published 11/02/22
Published 11/02/22