The Old Man and The Boat
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The final two episodes are linked together, exploring the idea of whether an individual has a purpose, or a reason, for existing and then moves on to the biggest question: the Meaning of Life. Here, the Old Man begins speaking to his Boat, who says his purpose is simply to float. The Old Man ponders his own purpose as a big storm approaches. See for privacy information.
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A story of love and hope, inspired by the real-life events of World War II. When Jack’s dog and best friend Badger finds her life on the line, he must act fast to save her. An act of survival becomes an adventure, as they journey across war-torn London to find the one person who can help them....
Published 05/09/23
In the final episode, the Old Man washes up on a desert island where, in a surreal encounter, he and the Worm meet the Narrator of the series. The bottle that the genie threw into the lake in Episode 4 reappears and inside is a slip of paper that, the genie said, explains the Meaning of Life....
Published 09/18/21
Published 09/18/21