Twice-exceptional Black and brown kids
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Kids who have learning and thinking differences or other disabilities can also be gifted. This is known as being “twice exceptional,” or “2e.” But what does twice exceptional mean for Black and brown kids? In this episode, hosts Julian Saavedra and Marissa Wallace explore how kids who struggle with learning can also have incredible talents and skills. However, for marginalized kids, these abilities are often overlooked. Gifted testing may be biased against them. The hosts also react to startling statistics about how few kids of color are in gifted programs. Listen for thoughts and advice on how families can get schools to focus on their kids’ exceptional abilities, not just their challenges. Understood is a nonprofit and social impact organization dedicated to shaping a world where the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently can thrive. Learn more about “The Opportunity Gap” and all our podcasts at Copyright © 2022 Understood for All, Inc. All rights reserved.
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